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A Film by Jay Strojnowski





I am compelled to make this film because national parks are a source of refuge for me. I am a combat veteran with severe PTSD. I frequent National Parks whenever possible: They provide a salve to my physical and psychological wounds. This film, an audio-visual immersive meditation, will help my fellow disabled veterans in support of their own healing journey.

The Audience

  • Combat veterans with PTSD
  • Female veterans who experienced trauma during their service
  • Meditation practitioners
  • Environmental film enthusiasts
  • Experimental film enthusiasts

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Cost and Impact

Net proceeds to Second Sun will go toward the cost of distribution of the film to targeted audiences previously mentioned: Combat veterans and female trauma veterans. I intend to partner with organizations such as Grace after Fire and Disabled American Veterans to help identify and support trauma victims with no-cost access to the film.

Film Costs
5K Pre-Production/Production (Actual)
35K Post-Production (Actual)
10K Distribution (Estimated)

Total film costs are estimated to be 50,000 USD. This number does not reflect donations-in-kind for materiel and labor.

3 Million Films, This is a First

3 Million films have been made since the inception of the medium in the late 1800s. Every film to date has used natural or artificial light. This film is different. It uses otherwise invisible infrared light and color. As the first of its kind, this film will become part of cinematic history. It will also demonstrate the efficacy of infrared filmmaking for all who care to follow.

The Story

The focus of the film is entirely on the biosphere itself- the earth, sky and water. So often nature films use nature as simply a backdrop for human or animal subjects. I take a different approach by excluding humans, animals, and fish and focus exclusively on the environment.
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The Four Act Structure

  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
I film each season and present them in sequence- “A year in the life” of Great Falls National Park. I present day and night scenes and employ changes in weather as an immersion technique.

Behind the Scenes

Second Sun- Behind the Scenes
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Key Components

Prehistoric- no manmade objects results in the viewer’s focus solely on the environment
Filmed in Infrared
Immersive Picture
Hollywood-Grade Audio and Video Content


Major artistic influences for my film include Edward Hopper, Andrew Wyeth, and Andy Warhol. Each artist leveraged their capacity to stare at any object for hours at a time and their work seemingly transcends time itself: We see more in their work than simply paint on canvas-they can slow time or even stop it entirely. I attempted to do the same with Second Sun in order to evoke a meditative aura within the film. Photographers Paul Strand, Charles Sheeler and Brett Weston also impacted me as an artist. Strand encouraged me to go further with perspective. Sheeler took photographs that looked like paintings and vice versa - I mimicked his transcendent quality. And Weston influenced me with his use of full frame, rich tones, and evocative contrast.


I am a professional colorist and personally graded the film using both SDR and HDR calibrated monitors to ensure absolutely accurate light and color. I finished the film with Dolby Vision, the highest quality HDR picture available today. Additionally I hired Ott House Audio to create a Hollywood-level sound bed and mix using the ambisonic sound captured on location. It consists of a stereo mix, several versions of surround sound, and a Dolby Atmos mix. Dolby Atmos is new technology that allows for a multi-dimensional audio experience. The Dolby Corp. leads the way in revolutionary theatrical audio technology.
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