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Future Series

The Series- I am creating a five-part series featuring a different US national park for each film starting with Acadia in January 2021. I produced Second Sun as a proof-of-concept film to demonstrate the efficacy of infrared filmmaking and to provide evidence to my executive producers for the subsequent series of films. It will be the first-ever infrared series. This is very important to me.
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Why- Acadia National Park is my favorite national park and is one of only a few US national parks on the ocean, adding considerable audio-visual production value to the film. This film is an audio-visual immersive meditation much like its predecessor Second Sun, intended to help my fellow disabled veterans in their own healing journey. It is also intended to benefit anyone who has experienced trauma resulting in PTSD, in particular female veterans. Pre-production, production, and post-production costs are estimated to be 750,000 USD for the series.




Behind The Scenes

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